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Lansdowne Borough and the 2020 Census

Đây là email từ Lansdowne Borough, chúng ta có bổn phẩn trả lời, mỗi đầu người ở vùng mình mang về cho vùng $2,000 mỗi năm. Nên việc biết rõ số người sinh sống ở mỗi vùng là cần thiết. 

Ai chưa trả lời Thống Kê, xin vào trang mạng hoặc gọi điện thoại để trả lời.
o   Online at http://www.2020Census.gov HAY

Dear Chua Glac Lam Community, 

The Lansdowne Complete Count Committee on behalf of Lansdowne Borough Council is reaching out to all of our faith leaders in an effort to promote participation in the 2020 Census. We are tasked with raising awareness of the importance of the U.S. Census.

We are reaching out to religious organizations in Lansdowne to ask for your help with this effort. We know that faith leaders are trusted voices in their communities.  You know how best to reach your members. 

There are several ways you can be part of our effort to raise awareness about the importance of the U.S. Census:

·        By sending an email to your members (feel free to copy and paste the message below), 
·        By posting an announcement on your web page, Facebook page, and other forms of social media;
·        By placing a lawn sign (which we’ll provide) about the Census in front of your building; and/or
·        By inviting a member of our committee to participate in a virtual church service to talk about the Census.

Here is the message we’re hoping you will convey to your members:
It's essential that everyone complete the 2020 census. The census is done only once every 10 years and the results affect the next decade of funding to our community for education, infrastructure, healthcare and much more. It also affects our representation in Congress.  It takes just 5 minutes, so do it today!

You can complete the form that was mailed to you and send it back. Or, you should have received a letter with online instructions and an access code. 

Can't find that? Don't worry, other ways to complete the census:
o   Online at http://www.2020Census.gov OR
o   By phone: 844-330-2020

Remember: the census counts residents (people) not citizens. There is no citizenship question on the census. According to the Census Bureau, each resident counted brings about $2,000 per year to Delaware County and Pennsylvania.

If you need help or have questions, or if you’d like a yard sign and/or a virtual speaker, please let me know as soon as possible. We have several volunteers who can drop off your yard sign.

Thank you for your consideration.


Magda Byrne
Vice President of Council, Lansdowne Borough
Chair, Community Relations
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